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The Pilates Experience              Experience makes the difference
  My name is Carolyn Cook-Frisella. I began teaching Pilates in 2004. I was looking for something healthy to do to occupy my time while quitting smoking. I was never athletic, never involved in sports or dance and never thought of myself as coordinated or strong.   I became certified with AFAA to teach Pilates mat based exercises in 2004 and taught in local gyms and studios.  I gained strength very quickly, and increased my flexibility ten fold. In 2007 I quit my full time job and started the Peak Pilates equipment certification.  Over the next 3 years I completed 3 levels of equipment training earning a comprehensive certification in 2010. Since 2004 I have had the honor to help rehabilitate clients from various injuries and/or surgeries including knee, hip ,back, shoulder and mastectomy surgeries. I have also worked with cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury clients.

 I am a recent breast cancer survivor. During this difficult time Pilates helped me heal. I regained full range of motion of the arms and shoulders within 3 weeks of a double mastectomy.  Pilates also greatly helped me through chemotherapy, providing energy and mental clarity at a time when nothing else could. I am grateful for my knowledge and background of this amazing movement system.    

  Because all human bodies are unique, a good Pilates teacher should know what to do for the specific body in front of them.  It is very important for a teacher to know what proper body alignment looks like, which muscles are over or under used , which muscles are  tight, and when a joint is being used rather than the muscles around it.  A trained eye can pick up these details often missed by trainers found in gyms or by less experienced Pilates teachers.  Since 2010 I have taken weekly lessons with some of the most highly respected and well sought after second generation Pilates Instructors.  This makes a huge difference in Pilates training when compared to less experienced instructors who stop training the day their certification ends. Some never even take a lesson themselves.  I invite you to come experience the difference for yourself.  I look forward to helping you meet all your fitness goals and expectations.    
Carolyn Cook-Frisella
The Pilates Experience