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Introduction to Rossiter:
Do you suffer from chronic pain? Try Rossiter!!
Get 5 sessions for the price of 4. Cost $200.
$50 savings
The Rossiter System of Head to Toe Pain Relief

The Rossiter system was designed to massage and release the connective tissue system that lays on top of our muscles. This tissue is called Fascia. Fascia also helps hold our muscles, bones and organs in place. When structural imbalance or injury occurs in the body, the larger muscle groups overwork to compensate for the imbalance. Over time  these compensations can cause pain and further injury.as the fascia becomes bound and tight. Typically people turn to doctors and drugs to mask the symptoms of pain. Doctors are quick to prescribe narcotics and surgeries as the answer to ones chronic pain. Narcotics do not address the actual problem, rather they change the way the brain reacts to the pain only masking the real issue. Surgery can help correct certain issues but can also cause more problems such as scar tissue, rejection of the foreign material used in surgeries and nerve damage. Rossiter helps with common chronic issues such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, back pain and sciatica by flattening out the bound tissue around the area. Many clients experience relief immediately, others may need maintenance sessions to continue being pain free. If you are someone who lives in chronic pain, this may be the relief you have been longing for. For more information contact the studio.