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Monday:  9:30 am Circuit   7:30 pm Spin
                    (Carolyn)           (Debbie)

Tuesday: 7:30 pm Circuit

Wednesday:  9:30 am Circuit   

Thursday:   7:30 pm Circuit    6:30 pm Spin
                        (Carolyn)           (Debbie)

Friday:   9:30 am Circuit 

Saturday:   10:00 am Circuit

Sunday:   9:00 am Spin

  Circuit: Anything goes!!! This class consists of everything! Reformers, Towers, Chairs, TRX, Jump boards, Barrels and Spin bikes. Wake up muscles your body never knew existed with a balanced mix of classical
and contemporary body changing Pilates exercises. Classes are all levels and limited to 7 clients.

  Spin : Spin classes are designed to increase cardiovascular strength and overall fitness level.  
  Help your body burn hundreds of calories, and have a great time doing it with supportive yet challenging instructors. Classes are all levels and limited to 5 clients.

Pilates Circuit and Spin Class Schedule
Spring/Summer 2019