The Pilates Experience
  Joseph Pilates began teaching his system of exercises called Contrology in the early 1920's.  One hundred years later Pilates continues to grow in popularity not only with athletes and movie stars, but mostly to the common person looking to change their body and actually enjoy their fitness regimen.
 The Pilates Experience is a fully equipped Pilates studio offering one on one and semi-private training, small group apparatus, mat, TRX and cardio interval classes. 
 Whether you are just beginning your journey with Pilates, or seasoned in your practice and looking to further deepen the connection of the exercises within your body, the Pilates Experience provides a comfortable yet challenging learning environment. 
  Since Pilates is a movement system focusing on proper body alignment and  deep concentration, classes are limited to seven people.  Limiting class size ensures personal attention from professional and supportive instructors. 
Connecting the Body, Mind and Spirit
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